About Special Needs Lawyers

Special Needs Lawyers, PA was started in 2011 by Travis Finchum. Mr. Finchum started his legal career in 1991 as a legal assistant with Charlie Robinson and Linda Chamberlain. Today, Special Needs Lawyers is the only Florida law firm with three Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys. Certified attorneys Travis Finchum, Linda Chamberlain, and Kole Long have focused their practice on legal problems related to aging and disability. We also have several paralegals with extensive experience in our areas of focus.

We strongly believe that our compassion, ability to listen and effectively communicate are the foundations for our success. We understand that, even in this age of information and technology, it is difficult to find accurate information. Our value to our clients is that we have the ability and the experience to pull together information and data from a myriad of sources and synthesize it into valuable usable legal advice to solve real-life problems.


We are here to help you and your family in Navigating Life’s Greatest Challenges. In addition to knowing the fine nuances of the laws, we are here to counsel and help you find solutions to some of the biggest problems we all face.


  • Having a Child with Special Needs.

  • Dealing with Incapacity.

  • Needing Long Term Care.

  • Losing a Loved One.

  • Becoming Disabled.



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Get help with understanding governmental programs for your family members with a developmental disability

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Creating and administering a Guardianship for your loved one is a complicated process. Let us make it easier for you.

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Long term care, decision making – taking care of your elderly family members raises legal issues we can help you with.

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Estate planning is important, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. We are here to make it much simpler for you.

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Let us assist you with Medicaid programs that can help you get long term or medical care expenses under control.

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With over 1,000 Special Needs Trusts drafted, we help you enhance quality of life for your special needs beneficiaries.

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After a loved one passes away, someone must pay the deceased person’s debts and then transfer assets to his or her heirs.

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