Make Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day!

Time spent with your Mom is always the best gift.  Whether in person, via telephone, email, or a handwritten letter she can read over and over again – any of these will be gratefully enjoyed by your Mom.

I miss my Mom on Mother’s Day and think back to all the special times we shared.  As I get older I appreciate her hard work and efforts more than I probably let her know.  The understanding of the talent, time, and patience it takes to care for your children is something you often don’t realize till many years after the experience.

Best recommendation – take time to spend with your Mom, let her know how much you appreciate her, and say thank you!  My Mom loved fishing even though she seldom to never caught one!

We’ve had fun putting together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you.  Ideas that will work for Mom at any age, as well as some particular gifts chosen for the older Mom.

  1. Faux Fur Blanket ( $25- $200

I love the texture and the softness of my faux fur blanket, it feels great on my skin!  I hate to admit it but I sleep with mine every night.

2. Hydra-facial (search for a location close to Mom)  $150

One of my girlfriends treated me to a Hydra-facial earlier this year.  Imagine a tiny little vacuum moving all over face, forcing water and other hydration into your pores while cleaning your face and sucking out blackheads at the same time.  I have vitiligo so I’m very careful about any skin treatments.  This one not only gives you a great experience, it makes your skin look great and brings a little sparkle to the older skin!

3. William Dean Chocolates ( ) $10 – $40

Yummy and beautifully creative is all I can say!  The Banana Foster one is my favorite.  Mail order is available.

4. Friesinger’s Chocolates ( $10 – $40

I love candy and know what I like.  A box of the assorted chocolates is best – I prefer dark chocolate however they have an assortment or all milk chocolate available.  The dark vanilla buttercream and the dark pecan buttercream are my favorites!

5. Chaise lounge towel cover ( $25

I don’t know about you but it is tough for me to find time to clean my lawn chairs.  This lounge towel cover is perfect for me to throw on the chair, it feels good, and I don’t have to worry about cleaning the chair.  It’s perfect!

6. Zenzii Traveling Tassel Necklace ( $31

I love this tassel necklace.  It comes in a variety of colors – I have several.  It is very light and adds just a pop of color when I need it.  The necklaces are fun and truly bring a nice addition to any outfit you are wearing.

7. Bio-Oil Multiuse Skin Care Oil ( $9  (also available at Publix)

I use less than a dime size of this oil on my face every morning.  While I have gained a tremendous amount of wisdom throughout the years unfortunately at the same time my skin has become a little dull.  This oil brings just a little glow and helps with those fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.

8. Spanx (  $25-$100

While I hate to admit I wear them – I love them.  They do not pull on your skin, or create even more wrinkles when you wear them.  They smooth the look of whatever you are wearing.  No one should live without these.

9. Netflix Subscription ( $9/month

I love, love, love my Netflix subscription – and I love the show Grace and Frankie.  Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda tackle issues many of us don’t like to discuss and you cry and laugh with them.  I can now download movies and series and watch from wherever I am, even when a Wi-fi connection is not available.

10. Tumi Backpack ( $50+ or any other washable backpack

I love using a backpack for all the stuff I need to carry around.  Strapping it onto my back distributes the weight better and keeps my arms and shoulders from hurting.  For those of us living in an assisted living or nursing facility, it is easy to strap on to a wheelchair.  What might I keep in my backpack?  A small flash light, small umbrella, snacks, candy, a pen, my iPad, etc.…. any number of things I like to keep close and handy.

11. Solar Powered Lanterns ( $20 +

Threshold is the name of the one I like.  It looks so pretty after the sun has gone down and provides just enough light so you don’t miss seeing something.

12. Lockitron (  $99

Our son got this for my front door, it is an awesome lock.  I can unlock it for repairmen or even for myself with my iPhone.  It looks good and does not take away from the design of your door.

13. A manicure/pedicure date  $25

Accompany Mom and enjoy the time spent together while each of you enjoy a little pampering.  It will provide a good hour of one on one time your Mom will thoroughly enjoy.  Consider bringing a new nail polish color along for Mom to try.

14. Homemade dinner and/or Mom’s favorite dessert  $ time

I remember my Mom always telling me she loved everything I cooked for her because it was so nice to not have to cook it herself.  Her favorite was my caramel flan!  She always appreciated the time and energy it took for me to make a meal.  I love it when my children invite me to their home for dinner and it really doesn’t matter what they serve.  I appreciate their efforts and the time spent with them.

15. Exercise clothes of any type ( $30+

Exercise clothing is an easy and great gift to give to Mom.  A new workout outfit motivates you to get moving.  Since most workout clothing comes in S, M, L, and XL it is easy to buy something that will fit Mom.  Coordinating the colors with her socks and shoes makes it fun!  Athleta is one of my favorites and if you don’t have time to order you can’t go wrong at Target.

16. Pajamas ( $30+

Whether Mom lives at home or in a long term care facility new pajamas are always nice to receive.  Pajamas tend to fade and lose their comfortableness over time.  A new pair of pajamas can help you feel better and remind you someone was thinking of you.  Pajamas also cover your body to ensure modesty.  Even if Mom has some memory issues new pajamas will help her feel fresh and clean.  I love the selection at Pajamagram and love their delivery in a cute pajama bag.  Target has some pretty snazzy PJ’s too – and not quite as pricy!

17. Yeti Water Bottle (    $25+

This bottle keeps liquids cold or hot, your preference.  It is pretty and functional.  It gives Mom the daily reminder of how much she means to you.  You can’t go wrong with a Yeti!!  Rumor has it Tervis is coming out with a new bottle to compete with the Yeti – can’t wait to see it!

18. Playlist of special music/songs for Mom to download  $ time

Make a play list of your favorites along with Mom’s favorites for her to download to her music device of choice.  I love listening to what my kids are listening to and sharing my favorites with them.  Music is a great and fun connector. Even if your Mom is memory impaired, music she used to love will bring her joy!

19. Cookies ( $16 +

These cookies truly taste like homemade cookies that I just baked in my own kitchen.  I enjoy all of their flavors (unfortunately)!  They will hand deliver locally or ship wherever you like. If you like them to stay soft, throw in a slice of bread daily.  Works like a charm!

20. Brownie Points (  $1.25 +

Each Brownie, and their selection is huge, comes individually wrapped.  So it is very easy to limit your intake to one per day, or per hour (lol).  These ship well, arrive beautifully and are absolutely delicious.  Fun assortments available.

Bonus Ideas

  • New Nail Polish (I prefer the OPI brand).
  • New Lip Gloss (I prefer Chanel) – I truly can reapply in the dark!
  • New Key Chain – there are so many pretty one’s available, and they do tend to wear out.
  • Bracelets – even if your hands swell and rings are out of the question there are many fun and colorful new bracelets we all love to wear.
  • Teleties ( – a hair tie (and potential bracelet) that won’t rip your hair out plus helps support the Global Lyme Alliance.
  • Flowers – hand delivered from the grocery is perfect

Say Thank you and Mean It  

Writing it or saying it – it makes a difference.  While Mom’s are not perfect they often have sacrificed and worked hard to help you grow up and develop into the person you have become today.  Taking the time to state how sincerely thankful you are to Mom will make her year.  She will NOT forget and on those days she misses seeing you she will remember you sharing your thankfulness.

“Spend time with those you love.  One of these days you will say either, “I wish I had,” or “I’m glad I did.”   Zig Ziglar.